At ipsay Counselling, I offer an integrative approach to therapy. This means I integrate different styles of counselling depending on what is most effective for you at any given time.

With this counselling model, I can provide a flexible approach to meet the needs and expectations of each individual client by looking at the whole person, taking into account their physical, social, emotional and psychological needs. I believe the relationship between the counsellor and client is of paramount importance and work with you to build a trusting and non-judgemental relationship, which helps facilitate self awareness. As you come to understand the causes of your concerns and the impact upon your behaviour and choices, you can then begin to set goals and develop new behaviours to improve your life.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression do not discriminate and can affect anyone. Whether there has been a specific incident that has led to feelings of depression and a newfound anxiousness, or you have been struggling for a long period, at ipsay Counselling I will provide you with a non-judgemental space to explore your feelings and develop tools to help you cope.

Bereavement, Loss and Change

I specialise in bereavement and loss counselling for individuals, couples and young adults. People experience many different kinds of loss throughout their lives, for example, redundancy, divorce, bereavement. I understand that, for some, the effects of grief and the different ways grief is experience is often misunderstood and its impact underestimated. I offer counselling for bereavement from long term illness, sudden death, loss of a baby and to those bereaved by suicide.


I have been a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy since 2005, becoming a registered member (MBACP) following qualification in 2008. I adhere to the BACP ethical framework for the Counselling Professions. In line with BACP requirements, I adhere to the required continuing professional development, with my main focus on bereavement counselling, psychology and neurology. I am also in regular supervision and I hold full professional liability insurance and enhanced DBS.

Before establishing my own practice, I gained extensive experience working in mainstream organisations including Age UK and Relate. I also co-founded a bereavement group aimed at helping women affected by the loss of a baby. If you are looking for counselling, please do get in touch with ipsay Counselling. I am approachable, empathetic and passionate about helping clients.

Counselling sessions are for 50 minutes and the cost is £40 per session. I offer a concession rate for multi session bookings so please do enquire when you make contact.